Frequently Asked Questions

Hourly Employees

  1. When can a new hire start?
    A short-term hourly employee may not start until all District requirements have been met, including HR onboarding, Livescan, and TB clearance. Non-student hourly employees must also have Board approval.
  2. Does the position need Board approval? If so, how do I obtain approval?
    All non-student hourly positions require board approval at a regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting. Budget managers must submit a Short-Term Hourly Board Action Form to Human Resources. Sub/Leave replacements, Vacancy Replacements and Professional Experts also require Board approval. Please contact Human Resources for guidance regarding the Board Approval process and deadlines.
  3. I am rehiring a short-term hourly employee who has worked here before, what new hire paperwork is required for the employee?
If there has been a significant length of time between employment with College of Marin for a returning short-term employee; updated paperwork (i.e. tax forms, TB, Fingerprint clearances, etc.) may be required prior to the start of employment. Please check with Human Resources if you are unsure so that we can pull the personnel file.
  4. How do I route a PAF?
    The Personnel Action Form (PAF) is required for all hourly employment actions. The Department should initiate the PAF. Be sure to obtain the employee’s signature and the signature of the Budget Manger. Route the original PAF to Fiscal. After Fiscal verifies the FOAP and signs the PAF, it will be sent to HR for processing.
  5. Where do I get the position number for an hourly employee’s timecard?
    Please contact your Department Administrative Assistant who will have received this information from Human Resources when the PAF was processed.
  6. How long can a short-term hourly employee work for the District?
    According to Ed. Code 88003: non-student, short-term employees are limited to working 75 percent of a college year which means 194 working days, including holiday, sick leave, vacation and other leaves of absences, irrespective of number of hours worked per day. Non-student, short-term employees must be tracked for compliance. Tracking is encouraged via timecards by the department prior to sending them to payroll for processing each month. Additionally, non-student hourly employees who exceed 1000 working hours in a Fiscal year will be enrolled in CalPERS.
  7. How many hours can an employee work each week?
    Non-student employees may work up to 37.5 hours per week, depending on the position’s board approved status. Student employees may work up to 25 hours per week.
  8. Can a short-term hourly employee work over-time?
    Overtime may only be authorized by the manager.
  9. What rest breaks and lunch periods are required for short-term hourly employees?
    Under California law (IWC Orders and Labor Code Section 512), employees must be provided with no less than a thirty-minute meal period when the work period is more than five hours. Additionally, hourly employees are entitled to a 10-minute paid rest period for every four hours worked or major fraction thereof. The rest period should be approximately in the middle of the work period.
  10. Can I have volunteers in my Department?
    The District engages volunteers on a very limited basis. Please contact the Human Resources Department for guidance on volunteer opportunities. Volunteers may not be used in lieu of classified employees. Managers must submit a Volunteer Service Request form to Human Resources for approval. Volunteers must complete a background check and TB screening.

Faculty (Full-Time and Part-Time)

  1. Whom do I contact regarding my teaching assignment?
    Contact your Department Chair or the Office of Instructional Management (OIM) for questions related to your actual course assignment.
  2. When are contracts sent out?
    Generally, contracts are sent at least two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Summer contracts are typically sent at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the summer session.
  3. What do I do with my contract?
    When you receive your contract, review it for accuracy. Follow the instructions to sign the contract electronically, and the contract will automatically be routed to HR. Note: Your contract will be emailed to your address.
  4. What if my contract contains incorrect information (other than salary step/column)? And, should I still sign it?
    If your contract contains inaccurate information, such as course information, room assignments, or units assigned, contact your Department Chair, who will send a change order to the Office of Instructional Management (OIM). OIM will then send a revised contract to HR for processing. Once HR receives the revised contract, a copy will be provided to you. In the meantime, you should still sign and return your contract.
  5. What if my salary step or column is incorrect?
    If you believe your salary step or column placement is incorrect, please contact HR directly at Eligible Temporary Unit Member Status (ETUM)
    Please read Article 6.8 of the MCCD/UPM-AFT Contracton Assignment of Temporary Units for information regarding ranking, lottery, salary advancement, and assignments.
    Salary Determination
    Temporary faculty members are placed, at initial hire, on the salary schedule not to exceed Step 9 based on education and prior experience. All part-time temporary faculty are paid at Part-Time Equity Percentage. See Article 3.1 of the MCCD/UPM-AFT Contract. Please see the salary schedule for other pertinent information.
    NOTE: Please refer to Article 3 of the MCCD/UPM-AFT Contract for further information about horizontal or vertical step movement on the salary schedule.
  6. What if my contract assignment changes, when will I receive the corrected payments/deductions?
    Your pay will be corrected with the next applicable payroll period following HR’s receipt of the revised contract, including any applicable retroactive payment owed.
  7. What if I am overpaid?
    If you are aware that you’ve been overpaid, please contact HR ASAP to correct this matter at . NOTE: Unreported overpayments will be followed up on by certified mail and may go to collections after a certain time period if remain unpaid.
  8. What should I do if my deductions are incorrect?
    Contact our Fiscal Services—Payroll — For any deduction(s) discrepancies, our payroll department will research your inquiry. Our Payroll Department inputs employee income tax withholding elections and other payroll/benefit deductions; please contact Payroll promptly regarding any deduction questions: Linda Terry at
  9. When do I get paid?
    FT Faculty are paid on the end-of-month payroll cycle (last day of the month) for both their primary position and any overload unit assignments.
    PT Faculty are paid on the mid-month payroll cycle; which is a month in the rears, and pay dates usually fall on or around the 10th of every month (if the 10th is a weekend day, it will be the Friday before). Please see your enclosed “Flex and Office Hours Obligation Memo” for the current semester pay dates.
    New Hires receive their first paycheck via paper check (perforated edges) and mailed to your address on file per district standard procedure; if you elected direct deposit, it will initiate with your next payroll and paystubs will be sent via an secured option to your email account or regular mail.
    For more information, please visit the Faculty Handbook.