New Hires

SMN, Kentfield Campus

For over 90 years, the College of Marin has served the needs of Marin County’s diverse student population. The College has two campuses located in Kentfield and Novato, both with close proximity to San Francisco, the Pacific Ocean, and Sonoma/Napa. The Kentfield campus sits at the base of Mount Tamalpais and is undergoing a physical transformation with several new buildings and modernized learning environments. The Indian Valley Campus is located in the picturesque hills of Novato and also has two fully modernized or new facilities.

We welcome you to explore the employment opportunities at College of Marin. Our fine faculty, staff, and administrative professionals have a long history of supporting the educational goals of our students in transferring to baccalaureate institutions, training for a new career, learning basic skills, or enjoying the many benefits of lifelong learning.

The College provides its employees with competitive compensation packages, comprehensive benefit plans, and the opportunities for professional development.

The Human Resources Department is an excellent resource for employees and the public to obtain information and assistance with current employment opportunities, benefits, policies, procedures, and general inquiries.

We strive to consistently attract, retain, train, and develop, a skilled and diverse workforce in support of the mission of the Marin Community College District.

Thank you for your interest in joining the College of Marin.



Student (6 units or more – MCCD): A short-term employee is considered a student if in the semester they are working have at least 6 or more units at College of Marin (Marin Community College) AP 7270 – Student employees: A student enrolled in 6 or more units per semester may work part‐time as a student employee for no more than 25 hours per week and no more than 194 working days in an academic year.



Any person employed to perform a service for the District upon the completion of which the service required or similar services will not be extended or needed on a continuing basis.

Sub/Leave Replacement (less than 195 (194) working days)
Refers to an hourly employee that is temporarily replacing a classified employee while that employee is temporarily absent from duty. A temporary employee cannot work more than 194 days AP 7236: Any person employed to replace any classified employee who is temporarily absent from duty.

Vacancy Replacement (60 calendar days only)
Refers to hourly employees hired to fill a vacancy while a recruitment is in progress to fill the vacant position. AP 7236: If the District is engaged in a procedure to hire a permanent employee to fill a vacancy, one or more substitute employees may be hired for not more than 60 calendar days. Exceptions will be addressed with the appropriate bargaining unit.

Short-term (less than 194 working days)
Refers to all other non-student, short-term employees that are not Sub/Leave or Vacancy Replacements. AP 7236: Short‐Term Employee: A. Any person employed to perform a service for the District upon the completion of which the service required or similar services will not be extended or needed on a continuing basis. B. The Education Code allows the employment of short‐term employees outside the Classified Service under specified conditions:

•The person can only be employed to perform a short‐term service, upon the completion of which, the service will not be extended, and

•Short‐term employee services shall not exceed 194 working days, including holidays, sick leave, vacation, and other leaves of absences, irrespective of a number of hours worked per day.

•Short‐term employees may not exceed 37.5 hours per week. Short‐term and substitutes may be granted overtime only with the authorization of their manager.

•Commercial temporary employment agency services may be used

•No short‐term employee may be assigned or allowed to begin work prior to the completion of appropriate Human Resources requirements.

Professional Expert
Professional Experts are short-term employees. This type of employee provides discrete, finite, project-based work to the District that requires specialized knowledge and professional expertise outside of the classified service. Hiring managers should contact Human Resources for guidance. Professional Experts must be approved by the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled Board meeting before beginning work. After approval, the onboarding requirements for a Professional Expert are the same as any other short-term hourly employee.

High school (work permit required)
If the short-term employee is under 18 years of age, they must provide a signed work-permit from their high school. (e.g. lifeguards during the summer)


(Student and Non-Student)