Equivalency for Faculty and Educational Administrators

Faculty and Educational Administrator applicants who do not specifically* meet the minimum educational qualifications as stated in the posting may apply for these positions by requesting consideration based upon an assertion of equivalency. Applying on the basis of equivalency means that the applicant feels they have a combination of education and/or experience that would be considered at least equivalent to the stated minimum qualifications, allowing them to teach/administer under the discipline.  *Degree on transcript must match exactly what is posted; if it does not, the applicant must request an equivalency review.

Applicants who are asserting equivalent qualifications must provide the basis for equivalency where indicated in the Agency Questions section of the application and must submit conclusive written evidence that they have the education or experience at least equal to the minimum standards for the defined discipline (see Examples of Supporting Evidence below). Copies of applicable transcripts must accompany the application, and all foreign credentials must be accompanied by a Foreign Credential Evaluation in order for equivalency to be determined.

Applicants applying to faculty and/or educational administrative positions or pools whose required degrees are not yet posted on their transcripts at the time of application must request an equivalency review.

The District does not grant equivalency on the basis of eminence, nor does it grant single-course equivalencies.


The applicant making the claim of equivalent qualifications for these disciplines must provide conclusive, supporting evidence of the following:

Degree Equivalence

Possession of a Master’s degree(s) from an accredited institution* with similar content to those listed for the relevant discipline. The name of the degree is close to that specified in the Disciplines List set by the Board of Governors, but the degree either has a different title or area of expertise, or the coursework is slightly different.


Professional Achievement Equivalence

Any combination of coursework, documented study in the discipline, and verifiable experience of such accomplishment in the discipline such that the combination of coursework and experience equals a Master’s degree in breadth, depth, and rigor. Appropriate licensure from professional state or national boards may be deemed equivalent to some coursework.

*Accredited Institution means a postsecondary institution accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.


Applicants requesting equivalency for these disciplines must possess the equivalent in level of achievement and in breadth, depth of understanding, and rigor for General Education required for any bachelor’s or associate’s degree and coursework required for the major.  The applicant must provide conclusive, supporting evidence of the following:

  • Completion of 120-semester units AND two (2) years of full-time or equivalent occupational experience in the discipline or 60-semester units AND six (6) years of experience in the discipline. NOTE: All semester or equivalent units must be earned from a postsecondary institution accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.
  • Related occupational experience may be substituted by teaching experience in the discipline or related discipline on a year-for-year basis.
  • Recency:  An individual employed to teach a vocational discipline shall demonstrate competency in the current technology of that discipline.
  • Rare Exceptions:  In the rare case that an individual does not specifically meet the equivalency provisions as stated in the above sections, and the department chair, the full-time faculty in that discipline (if applicable), supervising instructional administrator, and Vice President of Student Learning and Success agree that the person is otherwise qualified to teach in that discipline, that individual's qualifications may be recommended to the Academic Senate Equivalency Committee chair as deemed "equivalent" for that discipline.


In addition to all applicable transcripts and foreign credential evaluations, the following materials may be attached to your application in support of your assertion of equivalence.

  • Industry-recognized credentials:  licenses, certifications
  • List of completed, related coursework that matches the requirements for the requisite degree, including catalog descriptions
  • List of all relevant professional/work experience that should be considered to determine equivalency, with descriptions of duties performed
  • List of verifiable, relevant accomplishments or other work products that show a command of the discipline (e.g., publications, research, seminars, professional performance/exhibitions, honors/awards)
  • Evidence of knowledge, skills, and abilities that should be considered to determine equivalency
  • Letters of recommendation that attest to the applicant’s education, knowledge, and experience as being equivalent to the minimum qualification requirements
  • Membership in professional, discipline-related organizations, including requirements for such membership
  • Equivalencies awarded by other CA Community Colleges (must attach a complete copy of all documentation)
  • Other verifiable, relevant work, voluntary, community service, or life experiences that demonstrate expertise related to the discipline


If you are asserting equivalence (see the Minimum Qualifications for Faculty/Administrators) because your degree does not specifically match the minimum educational requirements as listed and any of your degrees was obtained outside the U.S., you must attach a Foreign Credential Evaluation (FCE) to your application for your foreign degree(s).

Foreign degree credentials must be evaluated by a third party to determine the equivalent U.S. degree and major.  Evaluations should provide the name of the institution attended, a description of your credentials, the major of study, and the U.S. equivalent for each credential.  For a list of evaluating agencies, visit the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.