Faculty FAQ


Whom do I contact regarding my teaching assignment?

Contact your Department Chair or the Office of Instructional Management (OIM) for questions related to your actual course assignment.

When are contracts sent out?

Generally, contracts are sent at least two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Summer contracts are typically sent at least two (2) weeks prior to the start of the summer session.

What do I do with my contract?

When you receive your contract, review it for accuracy. Follow the instructions to sign the contract electronically, and the contract will automatically be routed to HR. Note: Your contract will be emailed to your marin.edu address.

What if my contract contains incorrect information (other than salary step/column)? And, should I still sign it?

If your contract contains inaccurate information, such as course information, room assignments, or units assigned, contact your Department Chair, who will send a change order to the Office of Instructional Management (OIM). OIM will then send a revised contract to HR for processing. Once HR receives the revised contract, a copy will be provided to you. In the meantime, you should still sign and return your contract.

What if my salary step or column is incorrect?

If you believe your salary step or column placement is incorrect, please contact HR directly at hrcom@marin.edu.

What if my contract assignment changes, when will I receive the corrected payments/deductions?

Your pay will be corrected with the next applicable payroll period following HR’s receipt of the revised contract, including any applicable retroactive payment owed.


Salary Determination – Initial Salary Placement

Full-time faculty members are placed, upon initial hire, on the salary schedule not to exceed Step 14, based on verified education and prior experience.

Part-time Temporary faculty members are placed, at initial hire, on the salary schedule not to exceed Step 9 based on verified education and prior experience. All part-time temporary faculty are paid at 95% of the full-time faculty rate.

Please refer to Articles 3.0 and 3.1 of the MCCD/UPM-AFT Contract and the UPM/AFT Salary Schedule on the Classification/Compensation page of the HR web site for further information about wages, horizontal or vertical step movement, and part-time equity percentages.

Where do I submit verification of outside units taught and/or work experience completed for salary placement purposes?

Please submit this information to hrcom@marin.edu.

How much will I get paid?

Full-time Faculty:
Full-time faculty members should refer to the UPM/AFT Salary Schedule on the Classification/Compensation page of the HR web site to determine annual compensation.

Part-time Faculty:
Compensation for part-time instructors and counselors is based on the number of units assigned, Class (Column), and Step, and is paid at 95% of the full-time rate. Refer to your current employment contract to locate your Class (Column) and Step, then to the UPM/AFT Salary Schedule on the Classification/Compensation page of the HR web site to determine the annual salary with which to calculate the Part-time Temporary Payment formula:

A. Annual salary (from salary schedule) x # of Units

B. Result of A above ÷ 30 units

C. Result of B above x 95% = Semester Payment

D. Semester Payment ÷ number of payroll periods in semester = Monthly Payment

When will I be paid?

FT Faculty are paid on the end-of-month payroll cycle (last day of the month) for both their primary position and any overload unit assignments.

PT Faculty are paid on the mid-month payroll cycle, which is a month in arrears, and pay dates usually fall on or around the 10th of every month (if the 10th is a weekend day, it will be the Friday before). Please see your enclosed “Flex and Office Hours Obligation Memo” for the current semester pay dates.

New Hire Faculty will receive their first paycheck via live (paper) check which will be mailed to your address on file per district standard procedure. If you elected direct deposit, it will initiate with your next payroll and paystubs and will be sent via a secured option to your marin.edu email account or regular US mail.

Please see Payroll FAQs for more information.

What if I am overpaid?

If you are aware that you’ve been overpaid, please contact Human Resources as soon as possible to correct the overpayment at hrcom@marin.edu.

NOTE: Unreported overpayments will be followed up by certified mail and may go to collections after a certain time period if they remain unpaid.
Where do I submit updated tax withholding forms, requests for W-2 forms, direct deposit changes, etc.?

COM’s Payroll Department inputs employee tax withholding and direct deposit elections. Please contact Payroll directly and promptly for any tax or direct deposit discrepancies or questions and they will research your inquiry.

What should I do if my deductions are incorrect?

Please contact the Payroll Department directly and promptly for any deduction discrepancies or questions and they will research your inquiry.

Please note: all payroll/benefit deductions are processed by the Payroll Department.


What is a Temporary Pool?

Part-time Temporary Faculty Pools are established to fill part-time, temporary and/or substitute openings in a department. Pools typically remain active for 2-3 years, depending on the pool members’ availability. Assignments for pool instructors can vary in duration and they are not guaranteed. (Also known in academia as an “Adjunct Pool”).

College of Marin does not recruit for part-time faculty positions – all part-time faculty assignments are filled with members of the Part-time Temporary Pool.

What is an ETUM Instructor?

An Eligible Temporary (Credit and Noncredit) Unit Member (ETUM) denotes any qualified temporary pool unit member who has attained eligibility pursuant to Section of the MCCD/UPM-AFT Contract through the defined length/continuity of service as a temp pool instructor and satisfactory performance evaluations. Please read Article 6.8 of the contract on Assignment of Temporary Units for information regarding ranking, lotter, salary advancement and assignments.

Do I need to fill out an ETUM Availability Form?

No, as of July 2018, the District no longer utilizes an availability form. Please see your Department Chair regarding any questions or concerns regarding your availability to teach.

Whom do I contact if I have questions regarding my ETUM status?

Contact Angela Lingo, Human Resources Operations Manager – Academic Personnel, at alingo@marin.edu regarding any questions related to ETUM status.


What is my Sick Leave balance?

Faculty sick leave balances are distributed once per year. Please send an inquiry to hrcom@marin.edu if you need your balance at a time other than the yearly memo.

Where do I submit my Faculty Absence Report?

Please submit your Faculty Absence Report to your department’s administrative assistant.

Where do I submit my Community Education faculty timecard?

All timecards for Community Education & Services (CES) faculty should be sent directly to the CES department.

Where do I submit my Conference, Honorary Leave & Short Course Request form?

Please submit Conference & Leave requests to Rhonda Jones, Executive Assistant, on behalf of the Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) at rjones@marin.edu or by interoffice mail on the Kentfield campus.

Where do I submit a Verification of Employment request?

For verifying your employment for other institutions/employers, requests should be submitted to Human Resources at hrcom@marin.edu.

For verifications of employment for financial purposes (e.g., mortgage loans, rental applications), requests should be submitted to the Payroll Department.

To request a verification of employment for income or employment confirmation, please direct inquiries to the Payroll Department. It is recommended that the request be emailed or faxed; verifications are not provided via telephone.
Payroll Department
(415) 883-3261 (fax)

Where do I submit a medical benefits waiver, claim for dental reimbursement, benefits enrollment form, questions related to my 403(b) or 457(b) plans, etc.?

Benefits related questions should be sent to Ron Owen, Senior Benefits Analyst, at rowen@marin.edu.

How often do I need to update my Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment and how do I do it?

After initial hire, instructors will be notified periodically (every 4 years) via an email notification to their marin.edu email account when they are due for an updated TB Risk Assessment. Instructions will be provided within that email.

Note: Due to the current pandemic orders, TB Risk Assessment notices have been temporarily suspended.
How do I change my address? 

To change your address, log into the MyCOM portal. Click on the Employees tab, then in the Quick Links section, click “Update Addresses and Phones” under the Personal Information heading. Follow the on-screen instruction in the resulting screen to update your data.