Guidelines for Hiring Student Employees (Hourly)

Student Employee

Education Code Section 88003 allows part-time employment of students outside the classified service. A student enrolled in 6 or more units per semester may work part-time as a student employee for no more than 25 hours per week and no more than 165 working days in an academic year.

Students may work up to 37.5 hours per week or 7.5 hours per day when District classes are not in session or during a summer break, but they remain student employees and may not be employed as short-term employees.

In no case will a student perform services which supplant work being accomplished by any member of the classified service or which impair any existing contracts for service. All student jobs must be reviewed by Human Resources to assure that they do not duplicate classified jobs and that the duties involve closer supervision than do duties performed by classified employees.

Short-Term Employee Request

To request a student employee, please complete the Request for Student Hourly Employee Form. A student employee may not start work until all district requirements have been met. Newly hired employees on-boarding paperwork is coordinated between the employee, the department, and Human Resources. To better assist you with identifying the appropriate contact in Human Resources, please refer to the Human Resources Contact and Support webpage.