Workers’ Compensation

For all life threatening injuries, dial 911. In the case of death or serious injury, contact the Benefits Office immediately.

When an employee sustains ANY work-related injury or illness, no matter how minor (bumps on the head, cuts, trip and falls, strains, etc.) he/she must report it immediately to their Manager/Supervisor. If a Manager/Supervisor is unavailable, it is the responsibility of the employee to report the injury to the Benefits Office. Failure to report injuries in a timely manner, could result in further risk to the employee and/or create a liability for the District.  

Employees must also contact the Company Nurse Injury Hotline at (877) 518-6702. Company Nurse provides District employees with 24/7 telephone access to Registered Nurses and medical professionals. Company Nurse may refer the employee to an Occupational Medical Facility to be evaluated.

Following the District’s knowledge of the injury/illness and within 24-hours, the employee must be provided a Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC 1) to be completed, signed and returned by the employee to the Benefits Office. Completed claim forms must be received by Keenan & Associates within 5-days of the accident or incident.


When an injury occurs, please provide the injured employee with the following documents:

  1. Workers’ Compensation Procedure
  2. Company Nurse Injury Hotline
  3. Workers’ Compensation Claim Form (DWC1) (Manager completes questions 12–14 and 17–19 and provides to employee. Employee completes questions 1-9 and returns to the Benefits office)
  4. PRIME Advantage MPM Complete Written Employee Notification


The Manager or Supervisor should complete the following and return to the Benefits Office within 5 days from the date of injury:

  1. Supervisor’s Report of Employee Incident or Injury
  2. Supervisor’s Supplemental Questionnaire
  3. Questionable Workers’ Compensation Injury Information (if applicable)

Contact Ron Owen, Senior Benefits Analyst, with any questions at or (415) 457-8811, ext. 8159.

If you wish to designate a personal physician to treat you in the event of a workers’ compensation injury, please complete the Physician Pre-Designation form. This form must be signed by you AND your personal physician and submitted to the Benefits Office, BEFORE an injury occurs, to be valid.