Safety 101 Crash Course

To help new COM employees start off right, AP Keenan has developed a new Safety Shorts video entitled “Safety 101 Crash Course” The “Safety 101 Crash Course” begins with an emphasis on your individual role in safety and how that protects coworkers and the District. 

Setting up your workspace for sound ergonomics will help prevent the kind of discomfort that can happen over long periods of time and potentially lead to long-term problems. Keeping your desk and chair, computer keyboard, mouse and monitor, as well as other tools you regularly use for your job in harmony with your body makes all the difference in how you feel at the end of the workday and for many days to come.

Slips, trips and falls are among the most frequently encountered workplace incidents and are also among the most avoidable. Good housekeeping is great safety! Eliminating clutter, keeping floors clear of obstructions, cords and cables, and immediately wiping up spills makes it less likely anyone will take an unexpected trip to the emergency department.

Transmission of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases remains a reality. Public health guidelines issued according to the current situation in our communities are there to lower risks to everyone and get us going in the right direction regarding the spread of these diseases. If you have symptoms of COVID or feel sick, take the necessary steps to protect your family, friends and coworkers from infection.

Recorded Webinar: New Year's Work from Home Comfort Check-In

Description: Many of us might be working from home for the foreseeable future and the New Year is a great time to take stock of your home office. This webinar, presented by Keenan's Kathy Espinoza, looks at how to use what you have at home to achieve more comfort. It looks at your physical comfort as well as your mental health.

Ergonomics Resources

Setting Up Your Laptop in Your Home Office

Ergonomic Basics

Virtual Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

Virtual Ergonomic Workstation - Seated Photos To Take

Kaiser Permanente - Office Ergonomics


Wrist Care: Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Back Problems: Proper Lifting.


Working Remotely

Working from home sounds great! But with all great things come great challenges. This microlearning series addresses physical, mental, and environmental issues that you may encounter when working from home. Whether working from home is a temporary solution, an occasional situation, or just your normal workplace, these resources can help to make it the best possible environment.

Finding the Right Environment (3 minute watch)

  • How should you find a good location to work in your house?  Here are several tips.

Work Surface Height (4 minute watch)

  • What is the optimal height for your at-home work space? And why does it matter?

Time Management for Remote Employees (5 minute watch)

  • Tips to help your employees stay productive.

Home Office Electrical Safety (4 minute watch)

  • Working from home means setting up a work station.  Here are some tips to help keep you safe.

Monitor Placement (5 minute watch)

  • Where you place your monitor can make the difference between having a sore neck and back and working at home in comfort.

Chair Comfort (4 minute watch)

  • Setting up your chair the right way helps support your spine, thighs and feet.

Keyboard and Mouse Comfort (4 minute watch)

  • Find comfort in where you place your keyboard and mouse.

Managing Your Emotions (2 minute watch)

  • During times of uncertainty, it is easy to feel uneasy.  Here are few tips to help you feel a little more grounded and secure.

Mobile Devices (5 minute watch)

  • With all the various mobile devices that we interact with on a daily basis, our fingers, hands and necks can end up suffering.  Find out how to minimize the negative effects of mobile devices.

Managing Distractions (3 minute watch)

  • Working from home and trying to be productive can be a challenge. Here are some methods to manage these distractions and focus your concentration.