Featured Retirement Events

Medicare 101

Have questions about Medicare? You are in good company. We’re hosting a Medicare 101 webinar for employees of SISC Member School Districts in the Bay Area (including COM) who are currently, or who will soon be, eligible for Medicare in the next few years.
Join our webinar to learn about:
  • Medicare Parts A, B, C and D
  • When to enroll and late enrollment penalties
  • How SISC retiree plans work with Medicare
Whether you plan to work past age 65 or have an earlier retirement date in mind, understanding Medicare will help you better prepare for the future.
Date: Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Time: 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Dial In: 1 (415) 655-0001
Meeting ID: 177 899 1343
Date: Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Dial In: 1 (415) 655-0001
Meeting ID: 177 896 9730

CalPERS - Planning Your Retirement - Virtual Class

Date: Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Time:  9:00 to 11:30 am

Class: Planning Your Retirement – For members within 10 years of retirement

To Register, log in to myCalPERS and select the Education tab, Classes. Look for the Planning Your Retirement class sponsored by Marin Community College District. Register.  

Class Materials
Member Education Resources (PDF)
Planning Your Retirement (PDF)


  1. How to Access myCalPERS
  2. How to Register for myCalPERS
  3. Two page tip sheet on how to access and register for myCalPERS


Social Security



Supplemental Retirement Plans

Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage

SISC Direct Billing Self-Pay Retiree Plans

Beginning June 1, 2018, the district is offering SISC Direct Billing Self-Pay Retiree Plans for those retirees turning age 65 and enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B or retirees aging out of the District retiree medical plan at age 70. Members are required to maintain continuous coverage of Medicare Parts A & B while enrolled in an over 65 retiree plan. Members are automatically enrolled into Medicare Part D on SISC Individual Retiree Plans. Contact the Benefits office with Questions. 
Note: You are only able to enroll in these SISC Direct Billing Self-Pay Retiree Plans when you first become eligible. If you decline coverage, you are not able to enroll in these plans at a later time.

CompanionCare Medicare Supplement Plan ($378.00/month-single)

Blue Shield of California 100% Plan A $0 Copayment, $20 RX ($555.00/month-single, $1,110.00/month-2-Pty)

Blue Shield of California 100% Plan A $0 Copayment $35 RX ($526.00/month-single, $1,052.00/month-2-Pty) 

Kaiser Medicare Senior Advantage Plan ($330.00/mo.-single, $660.00/mo.-2-Pty)

Delta Dental 1500 PPO Incentive Plan ($61.00/month-single, $122.00/month-2-Pty)

VSP Signature C 20 Direct Bill Plan ($8.30/month-single, $16.60/month-2-Pty)