Guidelines for Recruitment and Hiring

The information on this page is intended to provide a snapshot of the recruitment process for administrators, supervisors, confidential, full-time and part-time faculty, and classified positions. Please refer to the Guidelines for Hiring Short-Term Employees (Non-Student Hourly) for all other positions.

Please note: Departments should refer to the Screening Committee Training for the recruitment process and procedures.

Recruiting for a New or Vacant Position

In order to initiate a recruitment to fill a new or vacant position, managers must go through the appropriate planning and approval process prior to the completion of a Personnel Requisition Form (PRF). The planning and approval process includes consulting the Assistant Superintendent/VP to discuss operational needs and funding and applies to temp pool recruitments and interim appointments as well.

Once a recruitment is approved, the PRF must be signed by the Assistant Superintendent/VP, Chief Business Officer, Superintendent/President, and Director of Human Resources. The PRF will then be forwarded to the appropriate Employment Services Coordinator to assist during all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process.

Backfilling Positions During the Recruitment Process (Classified Positions Only)

To fill a position on a temporary basis while the District is engaged in the process to hire a permanent employee to fill a vacancy, the department may hire a Short-term (non-student) employee for not more than 60 calendar days. Exceptions will be addressed with the appropriate bargaining unit. Please refer to the Guidelines for Hiring Short-Term Employees (Non-Student Hourly).

Employment Services Overview

As an essential part of the Human Resources function, Employment Services provides comprehensive services, support, and general oversight for all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process. Services include:

  • Work with the Hiring Manager to develop the job announcement, including minimum requirements and desirable characteristics.
  • Respond to questions and concerns expressed by applicants, screening committee members, or other individuals involved in the hiring process.
  • Match the requirements of a position vacancy with State minimum qualification requirements, if any, to be included in the job posting.
  • Create job posting and advertise with various web sites and publications to draw a diverse pool of candidates.
  • Screen for minimum requirements for all positions.
  • Request participants from constituency group leaders to serve on screening committees.
  • Compile all materials from applicants for committee members.
  • Coordinate with the Academic Senate President and Equivalency Committee to process applications for equivalency (faculty positions/pools).
  • Approve screening criteria, interview questions, and guideline answers developed by the Screening Committee.
  • Review the list of candidates selected to interview and list of recommended finalists.
  • Coordinate with Hiring Manager to conduct reference checks.
  • Review all committee materials upon return to ensure completeness and that appropriate procedures were followed.
  • Screen for adverse impact throughout the recruitment process.
  • Act in an advisory capacity to all committees to ensure fairness and adherence to all state and federal laws and local policies and procedures.
  • Arrange reasonable accommodation for applicants.

To identify the appropriate Employment Services coordinator, please refer to the Human Resources Contact and Support webpage.