The COM Wellness Program is excited to announce that we are offering the May Mental Fitness Challenge again this year. All COM employees have free access to the Wise@Work App, which offers a number of short, work-focused meditation practices and learning modules to help you find some calm and balance before, during, and after your workday.

Why Mental Fitness?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we know this is a busy time of the year for everyone! This Mental Fitness Challenge is an opportunity to focus on taking care of ourselves through mindfulness, meditation and learning, even when we’re busy. Regular mindfulness practice has proven to lower stress, reduce burnout, increase creativity, and build resilience—in addition to improving your personal health and wellbeing. If meditations are not your thing, the Wise@Work App also has other learning modules and series that focus on work situations and discussions. There is something for everyone to enjoy and use on the Wise@Work App!

What is the Challenge Goal?

Complete at least 20 meditations and/or learning modules in May on the Wise@Work App, and you'll be entered into a drawing for wellness prizes!

How to Join:

  1. Download the Wise@Work App from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).
  2. On the app, create an account using your COM email address( to participate in the challenge.
  3. Please note: If you sign up for the challenge with your personal email, you may still be able to participate, but you will not be entered into the prize drawings.
  4. You will then be prompted on the app to join the challenge, and you can select if you want to have your name display on the challenge board or be anonymous (either choice is fine).
  5. If you are not prompted to join the challenge, please check that your profile shows you are in the Mental Fitness Challenge and shows your challenge stats. Otherwise, your meditations will not count towards the challenge.
  6. See the May Mental Fitness Challenge flyer for further details.

Premium access to the Wise@Work app is available all year-round for all COM faculty, staff, and students. This is a special Meditation Challenge we are running until May 31, 2024. After the challenge, you may still use the app for meditations and mindfulness practices.

It is up to you how you would like to complete the challenge, but we hope you can find some time for quick breaks and time for yourself in May.

Need Support with the app? Contact

For more information about the May Mental Fitness Challenge, please contact Dayna Gowan (Wellness Program Consultant) at or Ron Owen at

For more information about all the Wellness Programs going on now, please go to COM Wellness.